First Month Free!



First Month Free!


CUSTOMER SERVICE: 4AM - Midnight Every Day, (904) 330-1022

TEXT YOUR LOCAL AGENT: Mon - Sat, 9AM - 5PM, (904) 330-1022 [TEXT ONLY]


What is the lease term?

It's month to month, which means you can rent a unit for just 1 month or stay as long as you like.

What do I need to rent a unit?
  1. A valid driver's license
  2. An email address (if you don't have one, text our local agent)
  3. Your first payment
24/7 Rentals by phone
  1. We'll take your info by phone (you'll need an email address)
  2. Sign the lease online (it's easy).
  3. Get an email with simple instructions on how to move in immediately
24/7 Online Rentals
  1. Quickly set up an online account with Uhaul (you'll need an email address)
  2. Sign the lease online (it's easy)
  3. Get an email with simple instructions on how to move in immediately

How much to move in?

The first month is pro-rated. Your first payment includes your pro-rated rent, your lock and any applicable fees such as our optional isurance. There are no deposits required.

My monthly payment?

Your payment is your rental rate plus tax. If you choose to insure your items through us, it will be added to your monthly bill.

Ways to pay?
  1. Autopay is the best to avoid late fees. Sign up or cancel any time by calling us 24/7.
  2. Pay online 24/7 through your Uhaul account.
  3. Pay by phone 24/7.
  4. We do not accept payments by mail.
  5. We do not accept cash, money orders or checks.
Late Payments

Rent is due on the 1st, but we know life is crazy sometimes. There is a 5-day grace period before a late fee is applied to your account.

Is there a 2nd late fee in the same month?

Nope! There is only one monthly late fee; we do not charge a 2nd late fee later in the month.

Should I bring a lock with me?

We've taken care of that for you. A disc lock is purchased at the time of rental; no need to return it to us. Please remove it from your door and take it with you when you have moved out.

Is the disc lock required?

Yes. The disc lock is part of our security protocol to help protect your belongings. It is required.

Additional locks?

Please do not put a second lock on your unit. If you are concerned about security, for example you lost your keys, please call or text us and we will place a security overlock on your unit preventing anyone from accessing the unit.

Lock removal (lost keys)

To maintain security, only facility staff may remove a lock from your unit. Removing your own lock may result in eviction, damage fees and legal action.

Is my property insured when I rent a unit?

We offer an affordable insurance option if your homeowner's insurance or renter's insruance does not cover your stored property.

Should I get insurnace?

We highly recommend insuring your belongings, but we do not require it. Call us 24/7 to sign up for insurnace - it's affordable, easy, and provides peace of mind.

Do not store:
  1. No food of any kind. Food will attract roaches and rats to honeymoon your unit.
  2. No living creatures of any kind or size.
  3. No flammable items like gasoline cans and flammable construction chemicals.
  4. No illegal drugs, alcohol or contraband will be tolerated.
  5. Please no firearms or ammo.

Refund at move out?

Your lease is month to month, which means your rental is through the end of the month. (No refunds for early move out.)

I'm ready to move out.
  • Take your lock off your door to stop billing. (If there's a lock on your door, you're still renting the unit.)
  • Take the lock with you, it's yours!
  • Remove all items including trash to avoid a hefty cleaning fee.
  • Call or text us to let us know!
  • Do you have dumpsters?

    We provide storage only. Remove all of your items including trash to avoid a hefty cleaning fee.

    • Protect your items as if you were storing them in your garage. Use plastic totes to store clothing, papers, photographs, etc. to protect them from humidity and pests. Do not use garbage bags or cardboard boxes.
    • Use a mattress protector for mattresses and box springs.
    • Completely seal boxes with packing tape before storing to help protect against dust and pests. Use heavy-duty tape on the bottom of boxes to prevent breaking.
    • Lay books flat to protect their spines.
    • Store holiday decorations in their original packaging. Wrap strings of lights around a piece of cardboard for ease of use.
    • Use smaller boxes for heavy items. When packing heavy items in a large box, place them on the bottom and fill most of the box with light items.
    • Number each box and keep a short list of its main contents for easy reference. Or label each box by room and contents, such as "KIT/DISHES."